Grcic, 20 years later

Posted on May 2, 2011

Two decades ago way into Munich with own design studio. Today Konstantin Grcic is one of the most respected designers and an emblem of the "simple" but "minimalist".


From MV Experiences we have been stressing a whole generation of young designers who dare to shapes and new materials with astounding or reuse of certain elements. In the latter case, as an example worth the Campana brothers and chair made ​​with dolls .
But aside from the "ultimate" also have been highlighting the work of well-established industrial designers. Konstantin Grcic is one of them. This German 45 years ago opened his own studio-20 workshop in Munich and has since been gaining positions in the competitive market for talented new designers.


In his work, sometimes branded as "minimalist", he prefers to call "simplistic" while respecting the rigorous forms and delves into the use of non-traditional materials.
From his vast output, highlight the Lamp "Mayday" chairs "Myto" series (built in recyclable plastic reinforced with fiberglass) and, of course, this armchair inspired by a toy ball.


In recent years, many Grcic creations have traveled to various exhibitions in Zurich, Stockholm, Cologne, Paris, Rotterdam and Istanbul.


Written by Andrés Bacigalupo
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Best of Bruno Rainaldi

Posted on February 23, 2011

Lives and works in Milan for over two decades and their creations do not go unnoticed in the international design events. Here, three of his most acclaimed works: a coat rack, a lamp "Ptolemy" library.


Here is another of the great names of the famous Italian design we do not want to mention in MV Experiences. Bruno Rainaldi Owner and a solid both business curriculum (passed by firms such as Blum, Sintesi, MDF and Ciatti A Tavola) and academic ( since 2002 he is professor of the Academy of Brera), Rainaldi stands out for its practical and colorful spirit.


The first thing to highlight is undoubtedly the Ptolemy library, which in 2004 won the design prize "Compasso D'Oro ADI". Consisting of metal parts together in a "U", this original book shelf can raise from 72 centimeters to 2 15m. Win by detail to place books horizontally without losing space. On the contrary, it is designed to withstand a good amount of material.


With an elegant and fun touch, the second to highlight Rainaldi are these racks with 18 small mirrors and chrome finishes. It is rotatable and to those who think that the reflexes "are too" is the option of 6 mirrors.


Finally, we have chosen to share what we think is another great success of this Italian master,. Lamp "Anastacha" the Terzani brand This is, as you can see, a hanging lamp very successful plexus glass, available in colors black and transparent.
Inspired with the advantage of being combined in a multitude of spaces, these three objects ratify Rainaldi talent and, in turn, encourage us to look for ideas to liven harmoniously and creatively.

Written by Andrés Bacigalupo
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Under the rain with Style

Posted on February 2, 2011

Quirky, thoughtful and original features. Umbrellas and ceased to be only a minor supplement and now made ​​a place in the world of luxury goods.


Usually an object that we have in mind. But then, the day the sky is leaden we remember him.
Large firms of luxury and glamor fans, however, do have this to umbrellas. And some brands offer original, luxurious and practical models. Today these three proposed approach Burberry, Senz and Billionaire.
The first is the collection of Burberry Store Winter 2010/2011. In white, black and anthracite gray, it is a relatively simple and perhaps most advantageous design is that the signature and thought all the possible combinations. So, women can opt for jackets, raincoats, scarves 100% cashmere and even slip rain boots.


The second proposal is for the Senz firm , specializing in the field. Its peculiar asymmetric shape is not a mere occurrence. Follows a very practical approach; and that is, if the umbrella is longer than half back, is better suited to our gait and is more efficient when it comes to shelter from the rain and wind. In addition, the handle is extensible.


Finally, the third proposal is the most exclusive; and certainly, the most "fancy". It is the work of Italian designer Angelo Galasso and as a good luxury item that price, is only available on request from any moderate figure of $ 50,000.
In this exotic crocodile umbrella (incidentally, not for environmentalists) is what gets Billionaire Couture Store in London.

Written by Andrés Bacigalupo

Frederik Roijé: creative and functional

Posted on January 16, 2011

Chandeliers, lamps and shelves can become original and practical hand Roijé Frederik, a young Dutch designer playing with classic shapes objects.


Through various exponents of the current design ( Emir Rifat , the Campana brothers and Ron Arad , for example), we have been showing in MV truly original experiences when choosing furniture and decide the setting of a house or apartment proposals.
Today we chose to emphasize the Dutch Roijé Frederic (32) formed in the Eindhoven Design Academy and author of some objects, without being extravagant or exotic, have a subtle twist.


Thus, for example, created "Storylines" this irregular stante where we can put our books at home playing with the idea of the height and proportions. The passion for cruising and interbreed line is also seen in the chandeliers.


Lamps Spineless

Another success of Roijé are lamps "Spineless" whose haphazard development process, says designer determines that there are no two alike. By manipulating the density of porcelain that is manufactured, these artifacts that seem to emulate radiant tulips and others "Creeping" is achieved.

Written by Andrés Bacigalupo
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