Another great trip to the Caribbean

Posted on August 17, 2011

The San Andres Island, belonging to Colombia, has beautiful beaches and a history of pirates still plasma in caves and rocks.

The history of this Caribbean paradise is not immune to the contingencies affecting the Antilles from the fifteenth century onwards. English pirates, Protestant settlers and natives are mixed in their pages so confusing and only from the nineteenth century, Colombia "kicks in" and integrates this island together with Providencia and Santa Catalina, as a department.

Pirate tales were not here nothing but stories. The famous pirate Henry Morga n-the same that inspired classics like Captain Blood or The black swan (the 1942) - stepped on this island regularly throughout the eighteenth century. Nothing less than their looting organized from here to the then thriving colonies of Panama and Jamaica.

Currently, you can visit the Cueva de Morgan (Pirate shelter today a major tourist attraction) west of the island and on the nearby island of Providencia, the "head of Morgan" rock carved by the whims of nature amazing similarity to a human face.

Eternal Sun

Beyond the historical vicissitudes, San Andrés is now an excellent retreat. But for those who want to relax and enjoy the benefits of its beaches. The most interesting are Rocky Cay, Cocoplum, Johnny Cay and Sound Bay. Escaping a bit of the coast are also recommended Albuquerque Cays and Bolivar.

And to get an idea of ​​the natural splendor of the island, a good plan is to go to the island "The Aquarium". Otherwise, the sunrises and sunsets here are cut on a horizon of turquoise waters to help forget everything. And enjoy.

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A novel model life

Posted on August 15, 2011

At 32, the Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova has become a real celebrity. In 2004 she lost her former boyfriend in the Asian tsunami and this episode marked his life. Now remarried.

From his childhood in communist Czech Republic still in the early '80s until his appearance on the covers of world famous magazines like Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. Since its cinematic survival tsunami 2004 (spent almost 8 hours climb a palm tree) until the announcement of your upcoming wedding. Petra Nemcova has had an intense life and beyond his photogenic smile or his undeniable attitude to the catwalk, has demonstrated that goes on however.

Němcová, elected by the British The Daily Telegraph as one of the women most influential of modern fashion , gained popularity working with brands such as Bulgari, Max Factor and Victoria's Secret.

Its privileged body also appeared in Sports Illustrated, U.S. Weekly whose classic swimsuit edition ("The Swimsuit Issue") has been devoted to other models like Tyra Banks, Valeria Mazza and Elle Macpherson.

Rebirth after tragedy

In 2004, Petra and her then-boyfriend, the photographer Simon Atlee, were among the tourists Khao Lak Resort, on the Thai island of Phuket. Like millions of people, both were surprised by the tsunami that hit Southeast Asia. For the model, the experience was tough but with a happy ending: after surviving clinging to a palm tree for eight hours, could be rescued by Thai civilians. Atlee, however, and died just a year after her body was found.

The episode marked a before and after in the life of Petra, who founded a specific institution to help victims of natural disasters (the "Happy Hearts Found").

Seven years after that experience, Petra not only reaffirmed their working part but also his love life. He will marry soon with British actor Jamie Belman.

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Interior design: Yabu Pushelberg

Posted on August 14, 2011

They have served more than three decades since Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg Georges associated in Toronto gets a interior design firm that craved out from the competition. They were not pretentious but, as they have confirmed themselves to yeah sought not fall into the cliché. Therefore, they say, even those projects that have a predominant modern style, try to give the touch-ancient or futuristic-that personality to the environments.

Among the most outstanding works of Yabu Pushelberg we mention the atmosphere of upscale boutique hotels Opus Opus Montreal and Toronto, and in the same area, their interior designs for the new Four Seasons Tokyo and Las Vegas Neiman Marcus.

Named Designers of the Year by Contract magazine, Georges and Glenn also work for brands like Tiffany, MGM Mirage and Carolina Herrera.

Skilled in achieving sophisticated and harmonious environments at once, your best resume these photographs are shared here.

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The little big bet Audi

Posted on August 13, 2011

A middle of next month, the German company will present the "Audi Urban Concept" in Frankfurt. Sporty and lightweight, yet to be unveiled all its advantages.

We must address it running its retractable roof and as shown in the prototype presented, have no more than four feet tall. We are talking about the Audi Urban Concept, a small but powerful hybrid car that the prestigious German automaker officially presented at Frankfurt next month.

Heretofore, know certain characteristics: 2.8 meter long, tandem, of very light materials (the basic structure has been carried out in carbon fiber reinforced plastic) and two electric motors (each coupled to respective rear wheels ). It would have LED headlights.


Although we have to wait until September for details of the Audi Urban Concept, and industry experts have cautiously welcomed and at the same time.

For now, it is defined as "non-conventional" in the sense that while it is a classic ecological prototype also combines sporty design, high efficiency (at least declaimed) all in a well reduced weight.

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To show your powers

Posted on August 9, 2011

In the skin of "Green Lantern", Ryan Reynolds to a genre that could end consecrate (or not) looks. Voted the sexiest cast by People magazine, has few film awards to his credit. His big moment arrived??

It started with small roles in television films, for example in the movie "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" (1996) - and then gained popularity in the television series "Two guys, a girl and a Pizza Place". Gradually, their hard work gym (the results are certainly in sight) he was opening the panorama. Not only was shot more flashes come but also a couple of well-publicized romances, first with his compatriot Alanis Morissette and then the stunning Scarlett Johansson. Reynolds has also been responsible for denying that nothing ever happened with Sandra Bullock, but few believe him in the world of the American chimento. So far, his "private" life.

A scene from "Fear Amytville".

Cinematically, Reynolds is standing out in a blockbuster that prestigious films. In 2005 showed, almost unnecessarily worked in physical remake of The Amityville Horror. Unusually, this participation is one of the few that deserved recognition. He was the winner of the category "best scene of terror" in the context of the here ignotos "Teen Choice Awards".

Later come X-Men: The Origin of Wolverine, another insured blockbuster in which Reynolds starred as villain "Deadpool".

"Hung and flying"

Now, a few days after the premiere of "Green Lantern" (in Argentina), we learned that Reynolds was intensely prepared for this character. The producers asked many things beyond an athletic body and acrobatic skills including (perhaps best fulfills the conditions). For "Green Lantern," Warner Bros also sought a fairly nice player besides "kiss the girl" and being the lover / classic superhero.

"On the third day of shooting, I was hung up and flying everywhere. And no need to wear adult diapers. I ended up feeling so comfortable with the wires at the end of each day I would have loved to take me straight to the hotel as well, "Reynolds admitted in an interview.

On the same note , the sexiest actor in 2010 according to People Magazine admitted that will closely follow the impact of his character. Maybe because it's time to show greater credentials. And just impersonating a hero whose skill is to realize what your mind imagines.

Text: Andrés Bacigalupo

Tasmania, including Hobart and Wineglass Bay

Posted on August 8, 2011

The capital and the paradise bay "cup of wine" are some of the strengths of Tasmania, the southernmost of the Australian states.

It is the most southern state of Australia and its island condition sometimes marginalizes some guidebooks Oceania. But Tasmania, real state within a state, is an island full of amazing landscapes that are worth discovering.

A possible route could begin in Hobart, the capital. It is city nearly 300 thousand inhabitants originated, like many other of Australia, as a prison. Founded in 1804, remained relatively isolated from Sydney and Melbourne-Australian-economic drivers but quickly develop and shape their own personality.

Today, Hobart is a quiet but active city. If you decide to visit it on a Saturday morning, the traveler should begin to walk it in Salamanca Place, the shopping district par excellence. Next to the harbor, this picturesque area is characterized by a bustling market where crafts of all kinds converge and regional food.

In Salamanca Place you can buy many pieces of glass and pottery-sometimes made ​​before your eyes, and a wide range of meals. They range from regional cheeses (such as King Island) and fruit (apple the world famous "Granny Smith" is native to this land) to seafood (the crab is the typical local dish).

In the vicinity of Hobart, some of the people who deserve to be discovered are: Kettering (with intense artistic activity) Eaglehawk Neck (key point for cruises), Oatlands (typical colonial town of descendants of Irish and Scottish) and Taranna (home Tasmanian Devil Park).

Bay "wine glass"

The unique shape of the bay explains its name. But one thing to know and another to be there. To appreciate it you have to get close to Frecynet National Park, located 125 kilometers from Hobart.

Sometimes listed as one of the best beaches in the world, Wineglass Bay has a temperate climate throughout the year and is a real show color at dawn, with its almost orange rocks and deep blue waters.

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