A novel model life

Posted on August 15, 2011

At 32, the Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova has become a real celebrity. In 2004 she lost her former boyfriend in the Asian tsunami and this episode marked his life. Now she remarries.

From her childhood in the still communist Czech Republic in the early 80s until it appeared on the covers of world famous magazines like Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. From his film survival tsunami 2004 (he spent nearly eight hours climbing a palm tree) until the announcement of your upcoming wedding. Petra Nemcova has had an intense life and beyond its photogenic smile or his undeniable attitude to the catwalk, has shown to go ahead regardless.

Němcová, chosen by the British Daily Telegraph as one of the women most influential of modern fashion , gained popularity working with brands such as Bulgari, Max Factor and Victoria's Secret.

Its privileged body also appeared in Sports Illustrated, the American weekly whose classic swimsuit edition ("The Swimsuit Issue") has been devoted to other models such as Tyra Banks, Valeria Mazza and Elle Macpherson.

Rebirth after tragedy

In 2004, Petra and her then-boyfriend, the photographer Simon Atlee, were among the tourists Resort Khao Lak, on the Thai island of Phuket. Like millions of people, both were surprised by the tsunami that hit Southeast Asia. To model the experience was tough but with a happy ending: after surviving clinging to a palm tree for eight hours, was rescued by Thai civilians. Atlee, however, and died just a year after her body was found.

The episode marked a before and after in the life of Petra, who founded a specific institution to help victims of natural disasters (the "Happy Hearts Found").

Seven years after that experience, Petra not only reaffirmed their labor but also of his love life. He soon married to British actor Jamie Belman.

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