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David Bisbal in Buenos Aires

Posted on August 5, 2011

The Spanish singer arrives to Argentina as part of his first acoustic world tour. It will give two shows at the Grand Rex. He will say "present" in Córdoba, Mendoza and Tucumán.

Ten years after he jumped into Spanish stardom for his involvement in "Idol", David Bisbal continues to reaffirm his international career. The maker of strong hits like "Ave Maria" and "Bulería" hours will be in Buenos Aires as part of preparations for his tour in our country.

Bisbal, 32, has traveled freely from flamenco and Latin pop ballad up, achieving a personal style that has garnered thousands of followers. This time, its first global acoustic tour will pass through our country in September. According to organizers, the landing will be in Mendoza on 14 - and will continue for Tucumán (16) and Córdoba (17). Finally, it will make two Grand Rex on 23 and 24 September.

Although certainly want your audience to hear iconic songs as "Ave Maria" (from their first album "Corazón Latino"), this time the presence of Bisbal will relish the special theme "Heirs" here is the theme song of the telenovela Channel 13 "Heirs of revenge."

From Vitraux Mansion Boutique Hotel appreciate your visit and your choice from and hopefully stay in Buenos Aires is as pleasant and successful.

More INFO on its official website

Jake Gyllenhaal Style

Posted on August 4, 2011

The actor of "Brokeback Mountain" and "Prince of Persia" was chosen by GQ magazine as one of the sexiest stars. For publication is a "man of style and substance."

Criticism and the general public knew him as "Jack Twist", one of the gay cowboys "Brokeback Mountain" (2005). At that blockbuster movie, Jake Gyllenhaal showed not only an acting talent that had gone unnoticed in the megalomaniac "The Day After Tomorrow" (2004) but began its inevitable film career sex symbol.

Gyllenhaal, who began his career in the hands of two very industry-related parents (his father and his mother is a director, writer), took his first steps in independent film. Yes, after "doldrums" and show that besides being a good actor was "profitable", highlighted in blockbuster blockbusters as "Prince of Persia: Sands of Time"; released in 2010 and based on a video game.

Cinematography aside, the style and seduction will come deparando Gyllenhaal "good news" though he says not take them seriously. First was in 2006 when People magazine included him among the "50 Most Beautiful People". Another similar would compliment Gay American magazine Wired. Publication readers voted it one of the best actors when playing a gay character in Hollywood.

Now the GQ magazine fashion-male-has decided that Gyllenhall is a "man of style and substance." Therefore, the ex Brokeback Mountain will be the cover of the publication in September.

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Emblems of the '70s in the Forum Gallery

Posted on August 3, 2011

As of early September, the prestigious New York gallery exhibit some fundamental works of artists as diverse as Tom Wesselmann, Joseph Hirsch and David Levine.

"All aboard from home" by Joseph Hirsch

Bohemians, curious, art experts or profane perfect. Any of them that are in the vicinity of Fifth Avenue New York until next September 2 Enjoy the heterogeneous temporal Forum shows that the Gallery has devised for this summer.

The diversity of painters is unified around-and nothing less-that by the 1970s, particularly fruitful period for the art world in general and American art in particular. With the eloquent title "That Seventies Show" Forum curators pose an eclectic and interesting exhibition that brings together works of figurative as Gregory Gillespie, David Levine and Joseph Hirsch (among others) and pop art references as Tom Wesselmann.

Beyond the chronological excuse to enjoy "good art" from Forum emphasize the creative ferment of the '70s, a decade that saw the consolidation of some current and abstraction, especially at the hands of Richard Anuszkiewicz and Eli Bornstein.

"Study for Nude Sedre Print" by Tom Wesselmann

Nottingham and Wesselmann

Another important aspect of this exhibition is the "rescue" of the work of Robert Cottingham and Tom Wesselmann. Although each with a distinct style, both artists stood by the early use of photography in his works.

Wesselmann, who showed great skill in techniques such as screen printing, lithography and became popular for their stunning naked and theming everyday consumption.

For his part, Robert Cottingham in the U.S. is considered a pioneer of the "photorealism" movement after the pop-art exuberance of what many consider a "lesser brother".

The exhibition takes place at the Forum Gallery in New York (730 Fifth Avenue at 57 street). More info on the web gallery .

"Barber shop" by Robert Cottingham
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Vodka with truffles and caramel

Posted on August 1, 2011

Did it seem like it was all said in varieties of vodka? The French company "Fryd" just answer this question with a singular version innovate.

The vodka-notch, especially from Absolut-has been experiencing in recent years with a wide range of flavors. The Swedes were distinguished by early innovate in this area and so we have seen (and tasted) some tastes at first seemed unusual: Absolut Wild Tea (flavored with black tea and elderflower), Absolut Kurant (with a hint of raisins grapes and berries) and Absolut Peppar, with a slight spice.

Now is a signature French-Parisian-Fryd which has ventured a little further propose a vodka flavored with truffle and caramel. Officially named " VOD-K ", the drink has a subtle hint of black truffle and caramel.

Gallic Delights

Founded by Laurent Frydlander, Fryd company has established itself in Europe after launching several lines of premium products, especially truffles, caviar, olive oil and saffron. Are prized caviar two marks ("Diva" and "Eloene") and extra virgin olive oils flavored with white and black truffles.

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