The most luxurious street in Moscow

Posted on August 19, 2011

Next to the Kremlin and Red Square, Tverskaya Street has become synonymous with shopping and sample the pleasures and renewed face of the Russian capital.

All major world cities usually have one or more streets around what their most promising and luxury shops congregate. Typically and global is usually alternate in cafes, restaurants and boutiques. Incidentally, in MV Reviews recently talked about the exclusive Via Montenapoleone in Milan.

In the Russian capital, credit goes to the distinguished today Tverskaya street, formerly named after the revolutionary writer Maxim Gorky. But times changed significantly since 1917, and again from 1991. During its history, reflecting much of the Moscow Russian history in particular and in general the street increased 2 ½ times its width and was rectified. Also, huge skyscrapers were built while preserved and restored buildings of great historical value.

From McDonalds to Vuitton

First Emblem traditions and vibrant shopping street today, Tverskaya Street was a silent witness to the economic and social changes. On her few meters from the Kremlin-opened the first McDonalds in a communist country in 1990.

In the '90s it would reach the most recognized brands in the global fashion: Dior, Salvatore Ferragamo , Escada, Cartier, Vuitton, Vacheron, Ungaro and Herme s.

But beyond luxury icons in Tverskaya travelers can come up with a number of Russian business properly distinguished in all sorts of items. For example, in the classic "Yeliseyevsky" you can buy typical delicacies such as caviar and vodka. The picturesque trade opens 24 hours daily.

Outside Dining, we also suggest shop around "Arbatskaya labitsa" (located indeed Stari Arbat street, but very close to Tverskaya). There you can buy everything from linens and dishes up a huge range of souvenirs from the Soviet era.

While prices of homes located on Tverskaya not stop up from the end of last decade, tourists walking this street are surprised by the unusual "chic" feel of this area of ​​Moscow.

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