Vendôme: culinary imagination

Posted on July 2, 2011

The amazing and sophisticated combinations are the rule in the dishes chef Joachim Wissler German, whose restaurant is already recognized as the best in Germany and the 21st largest in the world.

Oysters marrow pistachio puree and cilantro. Lamb brains with capers. Foie gras. Deer with sour cherries and walnuts cream. These four outstanding dishes are some of the creations of chef Joachim Wissler German and explain, in part, a style of cooking and presenting dishes that has revolutionized haute cuisine.

To test must turn away about 16 kilometers from the historic center of Cologne (Germany) and get to the Vendôme restaurant that for years a member of the exclusive list of the 100 best in the world. Indeed, in the latest ranking of Restaurant magazine, placed in No. 21. It is also the most awarded German restaurant.

Numbers aside, the food critic Wissler says that theirs is a constant desire to improve and audacity. This 48 year old celebrity chef is not afraid of a priori combinations that sound strange. Thus has managed to surprise everyone with a dove with sesame cream or strands of beef with kombu seaweed.

For its part, the German critic Jürgen Dollase simply believes that Wissler is the first of its country and the "most advanced ideas." Among the most acclaimed recipes Gilardeau Wissler found the oyster with green apple and chucroute spaghetti and veal carbonara foam and caviar.

Molecular but not

Although behind each dish Wissler is a methodical preparation, the chef is not placed himself on the crest of the wave of molecular gastronomy. In his view, the "new" techniques should be used sparingly. Interviewed by the Courier , the cook told about the new modes of "thickening" and "gelatinize" ingredients do not solve for themselves the quality of a dish.

Although its name makes it stop German cuisine, Wissler believes the world still does not sufficiently recognize the cooks of his homeland. Meanwhile, they insist the new generations of learners who care to know the products to be manipulated ("know what's wrong with this or temperature.") Apparently, there are not many secrets behind an exquisite and original dish . But simply much study and dedication.

Written by Andrés Bacigalupo
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