Beating BAFICI 2011

Posted on April 1, 2011

Next Wednesday begins a new edition of the Independent Film Festival of Buenos Aires. The successful sale of tickets for another great season promises audiences and critics.


"Cowboy" with Leonardo Sbaraglia and Esmeralda Mitre, opens the festival.

The 13th edition of BAFICI, which adds something new every year beyond the strict billboard, and has the good sign of advance ticket sales: 30 000 sold out before the start of the event (20% more than what happened in 2010).
We could translate these figures to greater public confidence and, ultimately, take this as another good sign of the consolidation of the festival.
The truth is that the supply of the Festival is vast and diverse. It consists of 325 films and more than 100 short. In competition there will be 19 debuts and second films. Among the new River Plate "Norberto's Deadline," the first feature film as director and Daniel Hendler "Student," a work of Santiago Mitre on university policy.
From Europe, we can mention a certain expectation to the Romanian "Morgen" (in competition and discusses the life of an illegal immigrant Turkish) and "Essential Killing" film by Polish director Jerzy Skolimowski won the last Film Festival Mar del Plata.
To access the complete official program, this link . An interesting roadmap Diego Battle for the Nation, here .


Complete Metropolis on display

Another important finding of this edition will be the full display of classic German film "Metropolis" by Fritz Lang. The function will be April 12 at Teatro 25 de Mayo in Villa Urquiza.
The projection also crowned the impeccable restoration work performed from the Museo del Cine Pablo Ducros Hicken after recall scenes of the film that were believed lost. From this finding, applauded among German moviegoers, and we talked to them in MV Experiences in November 2009.
About the Film Museum, during BAFICI 2011, there will be interesting activities taking place there. Among the highlights, the projection of Argentine animated short ("Placido and lively sayings") and the presentation of "The Terrace" by Leopoldo Torre Nilsson.
A BAFICI experience, which is always worthwhile.


The French "La Lisière" will be screened on April 14.
Written by Andrés Bacigalupo

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