Brazil: the dream beaches of Ceará

Posted on April 21, 2011

Dunes, wide beaches, piers and cliffs. In the vicinity of Fortaleza, there is a long list of coastal villages that are worth discovering. Rather exotic, inviting all to live unique experiences.


The city of Fortaleza, the most important of Brazilian northeast near Sao Luis, boasts among its streets many reasons to visit. A kindness of its tropical climate, we must add its charming colonial architecture and flavors of a cuisine that is among the best in the country.
Inhabited by just over 3 million, Fortaleza is a dynamic city and tourism, one of its key drivers. Many who come here, however, not only chosen as the final destination. Also chosen as a starting point for exploring the beaches of the region. It's not a bad idea.

Cumbuco Icapui


Fine white sand or steep cliffs. Islands that seem drawn and rustic air springs where fishermen documentary or occasional travelers mix. The coast close to Fortaleza, and indeed the entire state of Ceara, offer a range of contrasts that is worth experiencing.
In Cumbuco (36 kilometers from Fortaleza) predominate almost white sand dunes and the water is quite warm. A perfect alternative for touring the area are the quads and horses. To skirt the coastline, it is also possible to hire a typical "raft" boat northern Brazil.


A little further from Fortaleza (85 kilometers), the small town of Beberibe welcomes travelers with its stunning landscapes of rock and sea. The unmissable: reaching Morro Branco and watch the horizon from there.
Moving away from Fortaleza eastward, there is a long list of beaches that are worth knowing. The most important are Quixaba and Canoa Quebrada (in the city of Aracaty) and Redonda and Ponta Grossa Tremembé (in Icapui). The latter, which once was a hippie haven, today is an excellent destination for relaxation, with its eco lodges and eternal tranquility.

Written by Andrés Bacigalupo
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Maria Posted on April 23, 2011

This is a beautiful place to spend unforgettable days with your partner, friends or family.

Maria - Hotels in Argentina

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