A world of Lladró porcelain

Posted on March 19, 2011

It began operation 58 years ago and today is one of the most iconic companies in its field. The quality and detail of their vases and miniatures and have led to the world's museums.


The story of Lladró porcelain , native of Valencia (Spain) with international presence but today is not very different from many successful family businesses. It emerged in 1953 at the initiative of the brothers Juan, José and Vicente Lladró, who from a workshop in the village of Almàssera began to improve and innovate work on porcelain.
Progress was not only technical but, above all, creative. Already in the 1950s, were notable for their reproduction of the Victory of Samothrace (masterpiece of Hellenistic culture). Over the decades, there have more and more success and recognition.
In the mid 60s, Lladró landed in America, a market that would gradually seducing. In 1986, incidentally, the Lladró Museum opened in the exclusive 57 Manhattan street.
The launch of the collection of vases in '70 (now a classic) and global trade expansion in the 80s (has subsidiaries in UK, Australia, Japan, China and USA) finished entrench Lladró. The art world has also been welcomed: in 1991, the prestigious Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg joined two of his works (sculptures "Float eighteenth century" and "Don Quixote") as part of its permanent collection.


Porcelain and magic

Currently, Lladró has revalued its work with other designers and brands. Thus, alongside Jaime Hayon created "Scenes", a collection aimed at children (yes, even though we talk about china). Among the highlights of it, find "Lovers" (top) an encapsulated be surreal inspiration.
Just alliance we have seen the birth of "The Rocking Chicken Ride" lovely piece halfway between kitsch and the most deprived trends.

lladro chicken ride

Written by Andrés Bacigalupo
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