The Via Montenapoleone in Milan

Posted on March 21, 2011

Considered one of the most exclusive streets of Milan, concentrated in its vicinity a long list of traditional boutiques and first-line firms like Gucci, Versace and Prada.


Milan is the cathedral of the European fashion and therefore an essential tool for keeping track of large firms and trends they impose city. As already told in MV Experiences in other occasions here recently celebrated the centenary of Ermenegildo Zegna and here also Gucci renewed its commitment to menswear.
Beyond the runway, the central area of ​​Milan is a paradise for shoppers couture. The so-called "Quadrangle of Fashion" -an unofficial district nestled between tracks Della Spiga, Sant'Andrea Montenapoleone- Borgospesso and is the epicenter of an intense commercial activity that combines craftsmanship with exclusive dining and cultural offerings.
From all corners of the ring, the Via Montenapoleone is probably the most sophisticated. Although there are over 500 meters long, contains almost two hundred boutiques. Most of them have settled in neoclassical buildings whose architecture does not go unnoticed. Gucci, Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo and Louis Vuitton are among the brands present here.


Wardrobe aside, the "Montenapo" (short to give the Milanese) there are also high-level trade items such as watches (Audemars Piguet), jewelry (Gavello) or glassware (Vetrerie di Empoli). Incidentally, in the latter it is worth pausing to appreciate the magnificent collections of glasses, and traditional colors. The other store of Vetrerie Milan, Via Verri, specializes in dishes and china.
In conclusion any shopping tour in tune with the glamor of Milan, the Armani Caffé (at the intersection of Via Montenapoleone and Via Crocerossa) is certainly ideal. The atmosphere is notable for its minimalist scenery and the letter is interesting for its variety of coffee and cocktails. Upstairs, works detracted.


Written by Andrés Bacigalupo
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