São Luis, a city for the entire year

Posted on February 4, 2011

It is one of the most important cities in northern Brazil. With mild climate and vast architectural heritage, is always worth a visit.


You are more than three thousand kilometers north of Rio de Janeiro. It's quaint, ancient, tropical and populous. These four adjectives give a quick idea of what São Luis, a town that houses no fewer than 3,500 colonial buildings, heritage has earned him recognition from the UNESCO since 1997.
Inhabited by about one million people, Sao Luis is a city that caters to all travelers. It is ideal for those wanting to lose between narrow streets and old restored convents and who are just looking for wide beaches with endless sunshine. The temperature does not record large variations and year-round average is maintained between 26º and 28º.


Blessed by its tropical setting has Ponta D'Areia bustling beaches (near the bars and hotels) and other less crowded as Calhau (which runs parallel to Avenida Litorânea). If you opt for more discretion, it is suggested to embark Ilha Do Medo. To appreciate cliffs and hills, ideally Olho d'Água beach, where it is not uncommon to see local fishermen.


What to eat and what to buy

Gastronomically, Maranhao excels in seafood. Among the former are the most common snook and corvina. And if it comes to dishes, most restaurants will tempt you with a "cuxá" a dish made ​​with dried shrimp, manioc flour, toasted sesame seeds and a herb called "forkleaf".
Culinary shopping instead Sao Luis has four shopping centers large and two medium galleries. The most famous is Sao Luis Shopping , with about 150 stores (including international brands) and a food court where you could taste Japanese food, Arabic and Italian (plus all the usual fast food options).
In how local manufacturing should pace the Crafts Center and / or the "Casa Das Tulhas" looking for hammocks and carpets made from natural fibers of the Amazon region. There are also ceramic than acceptable quality.

Written by Andrés Bacigalupo
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Paul Posted on February 28, 2011

How beautiful is this destiny, certainly no better option for a vacation to travel and stay at any of the hotels in Sao Luis Greetings!

Paulo - Sao Luis Tour Packages

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