Best of Bruno Rainaldi

Posted on February 23, 2011

Lives and works in Milan for over two decades and their creations do not go unnoticed in the international design events. Here, three of his most acclaimed works: a coat rack, a lamp "Ptolemy" library.


Here is another of the great names of the famous Italian design we do not want to mention in MV Experiences. Bruno Rainaldi Owner and a solid both business curriculum (passed by firms such as Blum, Sintesi, MDF and Ciatti A Tavola) and academic ( since 2002 he is professor of the Academy of Brera), Rainaldi stands out for its practical and colorful spirit.


The first thing to highlight is undoubtedly the Ptolemy library, which in 2004 won the design prize "Compasso D'Oro ADI". Consisting of metal parts together in a "U", this original book shelf can raise from 72 centimeters to 2 15m. Win by detail to place books horizontally without losing space. On the contrary, it is designed to withstand a good amount of material.


With an elegant and fun touch, the second to highlight Rainaldi are these racks with 18 small mirrors and chrome finishes. It is rotatable and to those who think that the reflexes "are too" is the option of 6 mirrors.


Finally, we have chosen to share what we think is another great success of this Italian master,. Lamp "Anastacha" the Terzani brand This is, as you can see, a hanging lamp very successful plexus glass, available in colors black and transparent.
Inspired with the advantage of being combined in a multitude of spaces, these three objects ratify Rainaldi talent and, in turn, encourage us to look for ideas to liven harmoniously and creatively.

Written by Andrés Bacigalupo
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