Great exposure on Faberge Eggs

Posted on February 8, 2011

Starting next month, Moscow will honor Carl Fabergé, the Russian jeweler whose unique exquisite creations transcended borders. The Cartier signature is added to the sample.


What began as the whim of an empress, still in Tsarist Russia in the late nineteenth century, it became a tradition and basically a luxury. We talked about the Faberge Eggs, which emerged in 1885 by order of Tsar Alexander III, who wanted to delight his wife during Passover.
The legend says that Mary Fyodorevna-Empress-was fascinated with eggs so profusely decorated by artisan Carl Fabergé and the first result is that Carl official status of the Russian court jeweler won.


From then on, the tradition led to a vast range of creations. The designs on the eggs were expanding and becoming more refined. Rich in detail, usually recreate events, countries, or artwork. The first of these, for example, referred to Denmark, the birthplace of Empress Maria.
Sophisticated and always unique, the Fabergé eggs were made with noble materials like gold and silver, and in combination with nickel or steel. Many of the followers of Carl Fabergé also turned to precious and semiprecious to add to the shell surface stones. Thus, we find specimens that are inlaid with jasper, malachite, lapis lazuli or agate.


A large sample

On March 30, over 90 years after the death of his mentor, Moscow will honor so high the Fabergé Eggs, by now turned into a symbol of Russian greatness. The exhibition also will house the works of Vasily Uralski Konovalenko and Denisov, who is considered faithful followers of the tradition inaugurated by Carl Fabergé.
Interestingly sample is also be room for those big luxury brands found more than a source of inspiration in the works of Fabergé. Thus, Cartier will showcase a series of pieces created under the influence of the Russian goldsmith. The exhibition will take place in the Kremlin Museum and runs through July 24.

Text: Andrés Bacigalupo
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Mauricio Torija Published May 25, 2011

Are fascinating works that are on display and hopefully send me more to my email until then.

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