Golf and beaches in South Carolina

Posted on February 6, 2011

The city of Myrtle Beach is considered the world capital of golf. It also has several miles of beaches, water parks and one of the best climates in the North American Atlantic coast.


Although annually receives about 14 million visitors, the coastal city of Myrtle Beach (South Carolina) is still little known among Latin American and European tourists. With direct flights from New York, Miami and Orlando, is as great as accessible spa and meets the needs of who go looking for idyllic beaches and those who love sports and water parks.
Located a few kilometers from the border with North Carolina, Myrtle Beach is just 22 thousand permanent inhabitants but every summer travelers arrive quotas across America.


One of the great attractions of Myrtle Beach is golf. Lovers of the sport attracted by its more than 100 golf courses and there are tour packages designed for amateur (which include, for example, green fees, accommodation in boutique hotels and gourmet) dinner. In Whispering Pines Golf Course is a good alternative in this regard.


Myrtle Waves

To contrast the serenity of beaches, waterpark Myrtle Waves offers a long list of attractions that are worth mentioning. Between mid-May and mid-September, the place opens its doors with about 30 games including an artificial ocean of nearly 2000 square meters and the "Snake Mountain", an awesome water slide that can be traveled in 42 seconds dizzying. For guys (or less risky) are other simpler games.


For these and many other reasons, Myrtle Beach looms as a tantalizing experience for family travelers, entertainment lovers or just those looking at different beaches of Florida.

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Brunette Published February 7, 2011

A foolproof way to spend some wonderful days combicacion, please reached this beautiful place.

Brunette - Interested in Buenos Aires

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