Prada, more global than ever

Posted on January 18, 2011


Traditional Italian firm commitment in 2011 by a collection that reassesses the place of origin of the garments. Jeans "made in" Japan and woven Peruvian alpaca, between the protagonists.

Something clearly distinguished from its competitors Prada in 2011; -today signature by Miuccia Prada - stop by this season his proud Italian spirit to reassess the origins of other garments.
The protagonists are only four countries but very different from each other: Scotland, India, Peru and Japan. So, the first few were chosen "kilts" in navy blue wool inspired designs XVIIII century.
From India, in turn, rescues a colorful Prada handbags besides goatskin sandals and thin scarves. Alpaca fabrics, meanwhile, will represent Peru in precisely this unusual collection is called "made in".


The Japanese design, meanwhile, brings a set of jeans with iconic images of Japanese culture. Were performed in four varieties of fabric with seven different washes, highlights from Prada.

To appreciate the originality


Absent "Italia" for many of the "Made in" labels affixed Prada in 2011, has been quick to get some controversy some European publications specialized in the fashion market. The question seems to be: are recognizing new origins and backgrounds or simply has confided that factories are located in countries with lower labor costs?
Miuccia Prada has been adamant in denying it: "Not so (..) This collection is the product of my genuine appreciation for the originality and quality of artisans from wherever they come."

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