Sybarite Marzorati Ronchetti and presented "Archetto"

Posted on January 29, 2011

Combining functionality and aesthetics, the two prestigious firms created a harmonious co-chair, easy division and technological facilities.


In MV Experiences continue highlighting the latest developments in design. On this occasion, we share with you a joint creation of Marzorati Ronchetti Sybarite and signature.
Italians Marzorati Ronchetti , carrying nearly 90 years in the business of design, have finalized this fabulous "mega-seat" after exploring alternatives for resolving issues of furniture in small spaces. According to its creators say, the idea was to create an object that merge aesthetics with functionality and enabled this uses ranging from pure entertainment to business and leisure.


So, the premise was not only take space but also stimulate the proximity of people, encouraging them to talk and interact better.

Divisible and technological

Defined as "open and closed" Archetto has been designed according to the needs of this century own connectivity. Thus, in the back has sockets that can charge mobile phones and laptops.
Made from high density polyethylene coated fiberglass, Archetto is detachable in 5 pieces, making it easy to transfer.


With these characteristics, no wonder that this truly innovative piece bears the stamp of Marzorati Ronchetti, firm for which they worked, among others, Ron Arad and Antonio Citterio - and currently has exclusive stores in New York, London, Milan, Düsseldorf ( Germany) and Dubai.

Written by Andrés Bacigalupo
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