Cooking with Nigella Lawson

Posted on November 6, 2010

Cum-a true media celebrity in the UK, Nigella Lawson established himself as an atypical character for television. It began as food critic and then cook. And he does not like the word "chef".


Never clear what the ingredients which make a person are cooking on camera in true celebrity. But it is likely that the key resides in how to explain and convey so common and unavoidable as preparing food (and make it rich, easy to prepare and healthy) task.
For Nigella Lawson (much like Rachel Ray) condiments success not obvious. Yes, unlike Ray, Lawson has a more sensual style She says that their merits are not a big secret. easy recipes and easy ways to explain them. "And I do it because I have neither the patience nor the energy nor the information or the ability to make complicated food. Doing so intentionally simple, would not work, because it would be condescending, " says .


The daughter of a conservative politician and a woman with entrepreneurial background in gastronomy (Vanessa Salmon, linked to J.Lyons and Co), Nigella had an unusual career: not graduated from any culinary institute. As it was dedicated to be critical to cook until she became "action".


"Feast", one of the most successful books Lawson

Led by TV and books like How to eat and How to be a domestic goddess ("How to become a domestic goddess"), Lawson increased popularity and captivated millions. According to The Guardian, the success of this woman who denies the word chef is seducing both men and women. "Men love her because they want to be with women because they wanted to be like her."
Currently, its Nigella's Kitchen program is broadcast by the BBC and reaches through various payment channels to dozens of countries. In Argentina, it can be seen on channel Fox Life .

Written by Andrés Bacigalupo
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6 Comments on "Cooking with Nigella Lawson"


keittiel castle Posted in December 20, 2010

I am Panamanian but I am fan of nagelita as we call my husband and I love the kitchen just seeing his agile way in the kitchen I think home plate cooking ellla I smell here in my house uuuufff am one of your faithful clear admirers I do not know anyone else here that I know that's why you see me in particular I like to cook.


PATRICIA FLORES Posted on January 26, 2011

I'm from Chile I entanta Nigela, I like as much as the recipe says, her voice as well !! and also soo pretty!
entertain me every time I see it and I try not to miss it when I see it makes me want to cook like she has something very special that airs on their prescriptions, I charge you to make vegetarian recipes that if he does it mmmmm must be delicious ...
PLEASE and THANK MARATHON Nigella transmitted.


Posted ester polo glory in March 5, 2011

hello nigella I like your way of cooking congratulate you wanted ke you gave me one recipe and salmon squash shrimp turmeric did not have time to score and I think delicious please me you send back to my email you would agradesco and again congratulations I like cooking with fish and shrimp I wonder as I find by google thanks


maria teresa sanchez peon Posted on April 28, 2011

Live guadalaara, alisco, mexico ... or tv to see nigella and love, has a special way of cooking that makes it look easy ... of truth and besides I love her recipes are simple but very special, because the end result is gourmet ...... congratulations and forth


tony Posted on June 4, 2011

I wish I send me the recipe for chocolate cake with coke and the mousse with strawberries and cream


valentina Published on November 8, 2011

wow, never had seen someone who cook with so much style and taste to do so, is very clever that leaves us speechless and wanting to throw to make such charisma platos.tiene congratulations.

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