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Another huge Brazilian voice

Posted on November 30, 2010

After presenting a few months ago Vinicius Cantuária , now we share with you the talents of Isabella Taviani, the most enjoyable novelty in the new music scene in Brazil.


In 1992, Isabella Taviani decided to go show this artist "the world" and the initial tour led by a long list of Cariocas bars. Gradually, influenced and inspired by masters such as Elis Regina, Simone, Dalva de Oliveira and Maria Bethania, this Sao Paulo today is 42 years old was forging his own musical identity until a few years ago, the event came in the form of massive sales and large concerts.


In 2003 Isabella and launched his first song "Polaroid Picture" (see video) became a success on radio stations throughout Brazil. Years later, the album "Say sim" (2007) returned to thrill his fans, especially the inclusion of two songs associated with television. These were the topics "Luxuria" (which musicalizó successful telenovela Sete Pecados) and "Tenderness", a song associated with the character played by Renata Sorrah Duas Caras.

Text: Andrés Bacigalupo
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Sparkling premium and more

Posted on November 27, 2010

"Canevari Prosecco" came this year to hand Argentina Wine Supply. This is a premium sparkling developed based on grapes grown in the Veneto region.


The Distilleria Bottega has over three decades of manufacturing high-end spirits. Located in Godega di Sant'Urbano (in the province of Treviso) the company is now run by the founder's sons, Domenico Bottega.
Result of intensive commercial expansion, Bottega has extended its product range to 10 brands, among which La Cantina Di Poets, PRONOL, Sapore, Alexander and Alexander Boutique Cognac.
This year, new to Argentine consumers has been the launch of sparkling Prosecco Canevari, who via Wine Supply , has arrived in the country. It is an ultra premium sparkling wine elaborated from white grape grown in the Veneto region. Your package has been commensurate with the sophistication of the brand: a fine bottle of 75 ml.


Also grappa

Before the "landing" of Prosecco, we had chance to taste the premium grappa "Alexander" also by Bottega. It is a blend of Pinot distillate, and Prosecco Tocai maintaining traditional venetian process, resulting from the distillation of three varieties wort which is then cooled to -10 ° C and then filtered. Finally and to achieve all the flavors amalgamate perfectly preserved for 6 months in steel containers.

Text: Andrés Bacigalupo
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The Argentine Armani

Posted on November 24, 2010

Lucio Castro lives in New York more than a decade and works for a leading global fashion brands. "80% of the garment is cut," he says.


He studied film and medicine, but first gave him more satisfaction and even today, despite being in the heart of the fashion world has not forgotten his passion for film. Lucio Castro, director of design of Armani, has time and talent to pass out to the supervision of apparel and styles and making short films.
Castro spent by firms such as Donna Karan and co-founded in 2001 with the Chinese Elaine Ho a website intended to document the clothes every day and continue a dialogue about the theoretical implications of the idea of dressing between Asia and America.
Interested in the psychological side of fashion ("why people dress a certain way to prove what. Uses fashion fine people that ambition to be different," says ), Castro is now responsible for four collections Armani and annual task, nothing more and nothing less, is to oversee the brand guidelines are respected.


The court distinguishes Armani

Asked what distinguishes the brand from other firms of high fashion, Castro has no doubts: the cut. "It's the most extraordinary that have all the Armani lines, and for me is 80% of a garment, as it defines how it relates and adapts to our body."
Castro also committed to the importance of the ways female high couture and tissues in the male.

Text: Andrés Bacigalupo
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The Importance of Being Turner

Posted on November 22, 2010

A key work of Joseph Mallord William Turner, British painter who died 160 years ago, now starring in a controversial cultural battle between London and Washington.


Running counter the stereotype of the poor painter who dies disgraced, Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851) was, at least during his last days, have a significant economic fruits of their labor income.
That money, however, would not necessarily recognize the hand of aesthetic appreciation. Only the passage of time allowed to highlight the virtues of Turner: expert landscaping in watercolor (whose technique was then analyzed in Europe) and "master of light".
Turner's vision, according to the critic John Ruskin, exposes the romantic sublime, one that continues to emphasize the vulnerability of man against nature and their designs. It is not coincidence that the theme of God, fire and subsidence recur in the work of the painter.
Precisely on that line also fits "Modern Rome Campo Vaccino" oil that stages a Rome wrapped in mist, and now stars in a sharp controversy between the British authorities and international art buyers.


The controversy began on the same day that an individual acquired the work to the record value of 34.5 million euros. As the acquisition means that the box will sooner or later Britain, the authorities imposed a temporary ban . The reason? Turner is considered almost an emblem of English art and there are "too many" of his works "spinning" in foreign museums or private collections.
Currently, museums and / or British individuals have until February 2 to assemble a figure that exceeds the current supply and prevent market forces carried elsewhere diffuse Turner Rome.

Text: Andrés Bacigalupo
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Kasabian: There will be fourth album

Posted on November 21, 2010

I anticipated their leader, vocalist Tom Meighan. The band, who gained fame in Europe in support of Oasis, looking off definitely identifiable.


Is this a peculiar band since its name, elected in odd tribute to Linda Kasabian, the woman who drove the car in which Charles Mason escaped after killing Sharon Tate. Linda later testified against Mason and perhaps this data not less.
In any case, the uniqueness of "Kasabian" does not end with the name. Emerged in 1999 as an alternative to the pop music of that time, which they described quite simply as "boring and stuffy." To counter that, drank from the great source of inspiration meant Oasis, the same set of whose support during many tours around Europe wing.
British rock critics also recognize certain trace of Happy Mondays, and Primal Scream Rolling Stones. In North America, meanwhile, took until 2004 for the song "Lost Souls Forever" (see video) outbreak in the U.S. ranking.

Now, after years of slow but steady consolidation, Kasabian has announced, through its lead singer, Tom Meighan, who this month and work on the preparation of new material. Without going into details, it is curious to note that the media fame of Meighan has also been enhanced by joining controversial as alien as the participation of Madonna in Live Earth event or disproportionate Susan Boyle ("There used to sing and are manipulating, is horrible, "he said this).
The third album of Kasabian, "West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum" we should mention that was voted best of 2009 by Q Magazine and nominated for the Mercury Awards (awarded by the British record industry.


Text: Andrés Bacigalupo
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Another great moment of Annette Bening

Posted on November 17, 2010

11 years ago shocked the critics for her performance in "American Beauty." Now is a lesbian mother in "The kids are all right" and the Oscar dreams finally arrives in 2011.


He debuted late in cinema (at age 30, an age that Hollywood seems "too") and admirer of talent such as Helen Mirren, Liv Ullman and Ingrid Bergman confessed.
Grew actoralmente in supporting roles and in 1999 starred as Carolyn Burnham in "American Beauty", this hysterical woman unable to fully enjoy their marriage for stains on a couch. Bening composed in that film as exquisite as irritating character, the unhappy remember Carolyn as boba repeating the platitudes of self-help books or self-cleaning windows with a psychiatric sick frenzy.


That film's candidateó an Oscar finally took Hillary Swank (for "Boys Do not Cry") but now, they say, the statue would not be so elusive in March 2011. Their role in The Kids Are All Right movie investigates new families emerged from gay marriage, has been highly praised by critics again stressed that his interpretive sensitivity and gestural capacity.
Married to Warren Beatty since 1992, was in 2004 Bening star in "Being Julia," dramatic comedy in which he starred none other than Jeremy Irons.

Text: Andrés Bacigalupo

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