The architectural splendor of Dresden

Posted on October 30, 2010

History has left its indelible mark on the streets and buildings of Dresden, the easternmost major German cities and a symbol of the country's reconstruction.

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Some specialists often speak of Dresden (in German, "Dresden") as the "city" of Baroque although, after the terrible bombing of the Second World War, the city lost some of the most significant buildings of that style.
That said, however, does not detract from this city the great merit of having very unique buildings and monuments, from ancient royal palaces and churches to factories today reconverted for other purposes.


Dresden, located 500 kilometers from Hamburg and Berlin 190, has been increasing its tourism just for the elegance of its picturesque streets. Among the highlights to visit; l Frauenkirche Church (which dates from 1723 but was partially destroyed in 1945 and rebuilt in this decade) and Dresdner Dresden Castle, Baroque and Romanesque palace inspiration.
Much more recently and more curious is the "Yenidze" very similar to a mosque for years hosted a snuff factory construction. In what appear Yenidze minarets are actually chimneys and no relation to Islam, the building is first and foremost a tourist attraction. Indeed, in the Kuppel restaurant , located at the top of the building, you get an excellent view of the city.

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Finally, there has been visited Dresden if paced call Brühl Terraces, a vast architectural complex that overlooks the River Elbe and including from the School of Fine Arts to Delphinbrunnen (source "Dolphin"). Caminándola and exploring it, there is little doubt about why a poet called the city "German Florence".

Text: Andrés Bacigalupo
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A comment on "The architectural splendor of Dresden"


Goethe Institut Buenos Aires Posted on February 23, 2011

This is a special city, eastern Germany is a world apart. The inhabitants of this conserved wistfully history, past hard, and refuse to give it up. All this can be glimpsed in several issues from the cars, the decor of the bars, restaurants and pubs, the attire of the people in other decades anchored, dark facades of the streets, sidewalks made pieces of the old town. Everything is very cinematic.
Dresden is a romantic city on the River Elbe, is shocking appreciate the old town illuminated with soft colors until midnight, from the opposite riverbank. Opera, Frauenkirche which was demolished and then rebuilt. In the middle of everything is momumental and worth knowing.
It is particularly the food, as river views are outstanding, both in spring.
There are very many parks and gardens, castles, lakes, swans and flowers of all colors that allow escape from routine with just across the street.
Do not forget to visit it, is an amazing destination!
Thank you, greetings!

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