More than skyscrapers in Houston

Posted on September 7, 2010

One of the strongest US cities satisfies travelers with its rich cultural and culinary offerings. In addition, a luxury to have this.


Americans tend to say that everyone should go at least once in life, Houston. Reasons seem to abound. Not only is the symbolic capital of the aerospace industry (which has even been immortalized in the phrase "Houston, we have a problem") but also a dynamic city that combines Southern charm of the herds with the highest technological forefront.


The virtues of Houston can be summarized in the 60th floor of the Chase Tower, perhaps the best vantage point to appreciate the most populous city in Texas. From that point, everything looks tiny and distant, but the motorway network facilitates communication between all parts of the city.
In what was once the capital of the short-lived Republic of Texas there are over 300 parks, dozens of theaters and art galleries for all kinds of curious. Stand out, including the Museum of Fine Arts (with a vast collection of 51,000 works from all periods) and in the field-and what insólito- the Beer Can House, the extravagant building that John Milkovisch built with 50,000 cans beer.


Derek, a luxury hotel

In the so-called capital of the "sunbelt" (for the sunny region lying between the southern and western US) is comprehensive and sophisticated tourist infrastructure, highlighting the Hotel Derek .
This luxury hotel has 314 rooms with all amenities. Beyond the classic amenities for a hotel of this class, a few options to practice sports (from golf to horse riding) and recreational alternatives on a path that will make the visitor forget the bustle of Houston are provided.
In culinary, Derek also shines with Valentino Vin Bar, a restaurant with a satisfying menu of dishes and wines. Beyond him, however, the city offers a truly multicultural array of flavors: there are Chinese restaurants, Malay, Cuban, Greek and Portuguese (to name only a few) and of course, Cajun food in Louisiana and neighboring tex-mex.

Written by Andrés Bacigalupo
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