Discovering Color Martinique

Posted on July 4, 2010

He inspired Paul Gauguin and the birthplace of Empress Josephine. It almost ideal temperatures all year round. And gives, in every glance, a true color palette.


It is the largest French-speaking Caribbean island. And in a sea dotted with tiny islands, known for its somewhat larger area (1,100 km2), and is inhabited by half a million people, most of them black.
As a French dependency, not its ties with Paris: here are also governed by the euro and here also spoken unequivocally French, though with the inevitable imprint Islander Creole (as "fanm" to "femme" or "pitio or you" to "petit").


The cultural legacy of this island has also been generous with France. Indeed, it was this sunny and wonderful land that inspired some of the most emblematic works of Paul Gauguin, who arrived here in 1886 drew painter of landscapes and native culture to work nostalgia for the primitive and away from certain current naturalist.
Pictorial knowledge aside, it has undoubtedly Martinique offers lush scenery and natural attractions. The climate also allows almost always enjoy them: the annual average temperature is above 26 degrees.


Sightseeing in Fort-de-France

Although characterized by a bohemia that sometimes makes it seem chaotic, Fort de France, Martinique's capital, is a picturesque and colorful city. Government and private buildings are divided among themselves the various shades of pastel colors on its walls while the intense movement of sailboats and cruise stirred commercial life in the harbor.
Among the attractions of Fort de France, which has more than 100 thousand people, highlighting the Museum's -house Pagerie native Josephine, Empress that captivated Napoleon and dedicated to Gauguin himself.
And for those who love the journey through outdoor markets, is almost mandatory walk through the "marché" spice street Isambert, where local merchants offer you from curry, thyme and allspice to less traditional flavors like achiote, lemongrass and "green seasoning", typical of the eastern Caribbean.

Written by Andrés Bacigalupo
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