In search of authentic Emmental

Posted on June 26, 2010

Through an international competition designed to rescue their best virtues, Switzerland proudly celebrated its typical flavor cheese. Quality standards and suggested pairings.


In the canton of Bern, in the Alpine heart of Switzerland, almost always run the calm waters of the river Emme, whose semantics is first born the name of a vast mountainous region and then the typical cheeses produced in it.
Country of cheese long tradition (has about 1300 establishments dedicated to the field), Switzerland is ready to add value to one of its most famous typical products. And, with that intention, the authorities have for decades regulated activity so that the "natural" cheese expression is not an empty slogan.
Indeed, it is not. Because the existing provisions prescribed for dairies that milk must come from cows free of hormones and fed only with natural grass.

Emmentaler SCHWEIZ KAESER 2010

Looking for the best

To celebrate and position the genuine Swiss Emmental, this month took place the "Emmentaler Tradition", a competition called the best cheese masters in the world with one goal: to make the typical variety by ensuring the highest standards of quality.
The event took place in the city of Dudingen and evaluation took into account items such as dough consistency, taste and even the typical holes. These requirements, far from being a fad, are some of the points needed to be granted the designation of origin (AOC). The winner was Urs Fankhauser, the Ilfis farm.
Beyond the event, from MV Experiences take this opportunity to claim the taste of one of the most famous cheeses. Suggested Pairing ¿? Because of its high fat content and hard, experts advise accompany it with a nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.


Written by Andrés Bacigalupo
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