Punk to "Sex and The City"

Posted on June 7, 2010

British designer Vivienne Westwood renewed popularity after designing the costumes for Sarah Jessica Parker and "Carrie Bradshaw". His past in punk fashion and its footprint in museums.


The name Vivienne Westwood extends around the globe to the rhythm of the second film of Sarah Jessica Parker, "Sex and The City 2". Westwood, despite having a huge career in the fashion world, is now knowing the impact among the younger generation. Not for less; it was she who designed the wedding dress of Carrie Bradshaw in the final scene of the first film.
Eccentric and sometimes controversial, Westwood is not afraid to mix their political views with glamor. In 2005, climbed a catwalk wearing a shirt that read: "I am not a terrorist, please do not arrest me."


GALA IN TOKYO. Sarah Parker with Westwood dress in the Japanese premiere of "Sex & The City 2".

The designer, who next year will be 70 years of age and does not hide his unconventional thoughts. He recently criticized the excessive consumerism that governs the fashion industry; "I do not feel comfortable defending my fashion except to say that people do not have to buy it, but if you have the money to buy, then buy something from me. Just do not buy too much. "

Fashion and Punk

Attached to rock producer Malcolm McLaren in the 70s, Westwood lived the emergence of the punk movement closely (McLaren was a key manager in the formation of Sex Pistols) and it inspired several of his early collections. With discreet audacity, Westwood joined the "glam fashion" items which until then dominated the suburban scene.
In the UK, his native country, many recognized as a pioneer in Westwood's own authentic and reliable source of inspiration for generations; from Alexander McQueen to Isabella Blow.
The Victoria & Albert Museum, which recently talked them into MV Experiences, has among its permanent collections Westwood's early work.


Text: Andrés Bacigalupo
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carla published on December 7, 2011

The designer Vivienne Westwood really is very good indeed and Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and The City 2 goes very well with that dress, I think it is very original style.

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