In the heart of Barcelona

Posted on May 5, 2010

Nightlife, proximity to the beach, market design and medieval atmosphere. The Barrio del Born, more popular than ever, is a must for anyone stopping Barcelona spot.


History, bohemia and tourism have combined for the Born district is one of the inevitable point for travelers discover Barcelona. Even those who have already gone, repeat the route offering its narrow streets, the inevitable reminiscent of the Middle Ages (there is the magnificent Church of Santa Maria del Mar) and the great restaurants and culture.
Something of all this we have already counted in the MV when we mention Experiences chef Carles Abellán . Your subtracted Comerc24 authentic unofficial capital of the covers, it is precisely in the Born.
But there is more to this picturesque and accessible neighborhood, located just 10 minutes from the Mediterranean beaches.
To enjoy typical Catalan food is best to go to Cal Pep or Ego. And then if the plan is lost in bars of all kinds, there are Nus (where jazz dominated) Diobar (ethnic music) or The Placae Bar, whose style the typical pubs of Ireland and the UK is similar.


El Born is notable for its very interesting cuisine.

Design and museums

During the mornings and evenings the Born misses decrease your pace. People usually take the day to buy some of the dozens of designer shops in the neighborhood or to call at the Mercat de Santa Caterina, a former refubished market for high quality products such as cheese, meats and fish.
The other great alternatives in the Born are the two most important museums: the Textile and Pablo Picasso. The first evokes the past of the area, initially dominated by guilds that category. The second, which is currently distributed in six buildings, 3800 has works on permanent display is on Montcada Street.


Written by Andrés Bacigalupo
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