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Mister Madrid 2009 and the campaign to XTG

Posted on May 31, 2010

Chico calendar, pianist and central protagonist of the advertising campaign of XTG, mark to which he represented in his line of male swimwear. We introduce Ramón Puñet.


When asked the Cosmopolitan channel Ramon Segovia Puñet a brief description of himself, the young man chose the adjectives "spontaneous", "thoughtful" and "outgoing".
Then Puñet reap revenues of these virtues to be elected Mister Madrid 2009 and compete as a favorite for the throne of Mister Spain.
Pianist enrolled (though few repaired in the figure), Puñet has a well worked that has opened the doors of the fashion world body. In his native country, was the signature image XTG, who presented his collection of men's swimwear with some of the pictures that we share here.


Innovative Line

His physical attributes and carefree attitude to the camera Puñet have made an ideal representative of the line XTG presented to the Spanish market.
According to officials of the company, which is committed collection simple lines but transgressors prints to suit all body types. Works of canary designer Luis Mentado, the garments have a share of Greek and Indonesian inspiration and much anchor in the world of surfing and beach sports.


Written by Andrés Bacigalupo
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A century and a half with TAG Heuer

Posted on May 28, 2010

The Swiss firm for high-end watches celebrates its 150 years of history bringing to market the Grand Carrera Pendulum. Leonardo Di Caprio and automotive Tesla also part in the festivities.


It is one of the irreplaceable in the global luxury market firms. It was founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer and gradually gained prestige to the beat of its undeniable technical developments and timing of their business drivers.
Besides patenting his first chronograph in 1882, Edouard Heuer knew that the link with sports and racing opportunities did not pass. So in 1911 he devised the first chronograph for cars and planes. Then in the Olympics in 1920, 1924 and 1928 (Antwerp, Paris and Amsterdam, respectively) timers were signing official for all competitions.


In the 1960s, the fully consolidated company, Heuer TAG is absorbed and the official name of the brand is as we know it today. Currently, the holding company LVMH, which also owns Fendi and Givenchy - is in charge of the company.


Di Caprio and Roadshow

To celebrate his century of life, TAG Heuer began this month with a series of extraordinary events and trade shows. First, a pompous party with Leonardo Di Caprio as the official ambassador of the firm. Later that same event served to present the Grand Carrera Pendulum, the first watch with movement without spiral.
The anniversary will also be celebrated in partnership with the car company Tesla, market leader in high-end electric vehicles. The manufacturer designed the TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster, which was already presented at the Geneva Motor Show.
This super car is also the inseparable companion of a series of exhibitions that will show the world the showcase with the best watches of all time. This exhibition will end in October 2010 and will tour Tokyo, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Milan, Beijing, Moscow and Monaco, among other cities.

Written by Andrés Bacigalupo
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A privileged voice in Argentina

Posted on May 26, 2010

In his native country, he revived interest in classical music and was a sales phenomenon. Here, a brief visit was enough for the British mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins will dazzle us with their talent and beauty.


It takes millions of records sold and is a true celebrity in the UK. Born in Wales, he entered the world of music through participation in church choirs and today is also recognized in his role Popstar to Operastar jury.
Katherine Jenkins (29) visited Argentina last week and did not go unnoticed. First he gave a great show in the program of Susana Gimenez and then was commissioned to sing the Canadian anthem at the football game between the Argentina and Canada.
In the UK and also in the public and devoted Norteamericana- this woman as the mezzo-soprano who has sold more records since 2004, when he debuted with his album Premiere.


Years passed and maintained that leadership while Katherine surprised everyone reversionadas dabbling in pop songs in classical style. From their second album Second Nature (2004) are his successful "Time to say goodbye" (in the video performed by Andrea Boccelli) and "You'll Never Walk Alone".
A year later, this talented blonde had "Serenade." This album, which includes several pop songs sung in Italian, took fifth place in 2005 in the charters of the United Kingdom (in general) and first in the ranking of classical music .


Phenomenon in his own

That an opera singer has managed to penetrate so strong between musical preferences "public" was undoubtedly notable merit of Katherine. She herself has shown grateful and surprised by this situation. "When I was young I never thought it would sell more records than Celine Dion or the Spice Girls. I can not thank this to the fans who support me. "
That popularity has made Jenkins a character beyond the musical. In 2008, the interest of the people in his personal life led her to realize her autobiography: "Time to say hello."

Written by Andrés Bacigalupo
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Denali Star, the best way to see Alaska

Posted on May 24, 2010

Snowy mountains and thick groves occur continuously in the path linking Anchorage and Fairbanks. The trip is considered one of the best experiences for live aboard a train.


The city of Anchorage, the largest in the state of Alaska, is modern yet discreet. It owns many tall buildings in the downtown and tourist attractions than you might think at first glance. With nearly 300 thousand inhabitants, the city boasts of modern museums and cultural centers. Some of the recommended points are the Imaginarium Anchorage Museum, with its ideals promising science experiences for children, and the Alaska Native Heritage Center . latter center, opened in 1999, operates as a real window into the culture of the native peoples of Alaska. Be amazed at the rich artistic legacy left countless tribes.


The discovery of the untamed wilderness of Alaska can not be in a museum. Here, undoubtedly the best option is to address the Denali Star Train . This railway connects the 600 miles between Anchorage to Fairbanks, modest but picturesque city nestled at the foot of Denali National Park.
The tour allows marvel at a succession of landscapes that seem painted: deep canyons, snowy peaks, thick forests and rivers flow differently. Then, 185 kilometers from Anchorage the train runs into the quaint town of Talkeetna, in the hamlet who live more than a thousand people.
The village, however, has several charms. It is the first site from where clearly contemplated the majestic Mount McKinley (highest point in North America) and is also a privileged sanctuary to observe rather small birds.


The journey then continues in Denali (from where you can access both the national park and the namesake state park) and ends in Fairbanks. There you can visit, among other places in El Dorado Gold Mine, which evokes the old mine lived gold rush this state. Such "fever" swept many adventurers to tread this land of intense and massive forests winters.
Today, Alaska convince tourists that has another class of equally valuable treasures.

Written by Andrés Bacigalupo
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Six delight Richard Corrigan

Posted on May 22, 2010

Through Bentleys Oyster Bar and The Lindsay House, the Irish chef invites you to taste amazing and tasty dishes ranging from oysters and deer to frogs and crabs.


Those who roam London's Soho and discover The Lindsay House takes at least two pleasant surprises. The first starts to ring the bell at 21 Romilly Street (yes, you have to ring the bell). Then subtracted staff and appear very kindly guide and attend the diner. The unusual is that it can give you a ride, by stairs, to a room where you will feel at home. And the first floor, with a simple yet elegantly decorated fosters intimacy.
The second surprise-and the most important is the menu. The letter from Richard Corrigan offers original dishes that reflect a combination of unusual flavors.


Lomo, snails, frog ..

For the first course, The Lindsay House offers several alternatives. The three most attractive are: Venison Tartar, Broccoli with Blue Cheese Gnocchi with Rabbit and Ginger Bread and Parmesan custard with tempura leeks.
Among the main dishes highlight the menu Corrigan Sole with Lemon Butter Prawns and a Lomo de Vaca with Snails and Marrow Gratin and Pig trotters with Frog Legs and Bacon.


Oysters in Piccadilly

Without The Lindsay House formalisms, it is possible to trace the Corrigan own elsewhere in London. Must be reached to number 5 of Swallow Street (a street between Piccadilly and Regent Street) and find Bentle'ys Oyster Bar .
This is a great place to try clams and oysters prepared in a thousand ways. You can also taste a soup Mussel and Crab Cakes Singapore or Potatoes with Creme Fraiche and Anguilla.

Written by Andrés Bacigalupo
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Three players and three fragrances

Posted on May 21, 2010

Hugo Boss three players bet on the Spanish team to star in the campaign "Style Beyond The Game" which limited editions with three great fragrances are launched.


The year 2010 is definitely the World Cup. We also know the big firms that are taking advantage of the event using sports stars. Days ago, I commented exactly the work of Annie Leibovitz , who performed for Louis Vuitton campaign that brought Maradona, Pele and Zidane.
With a similar argument, Hugo Boss has launched limited editions of three of its fragrances. And in this case, were summoned three of the great figures of the Spanish selection: Cesc Fabregas, David Villa and Xabi Alonso.


Turned-models, three players star in the "Style Beyond The Game." With this campaign, Hugo Boss aims to highlight the individuality of three fragrances from the line associating the style and personality of each player.
So, Xabi Alonso has been chosen as the image of Boss Bottled. This fragrance, one of the best positioned in the Spanish market, symbolizes a good modern style.
For Hugo Man fragrance-a halfway between elegance and sport- Boss leaned Cesc Fabregas, Arsenal midfielder and promising figure for Spanish facing South Africa. Out of the strictly football, Fabregas is known for his love of fashion: Dolce & Gabbana shopping and shops in Farah.


Finally, David Villa (Barcelona) represents the virtues of "Boss in motion white edition", originally released in 2002 Characterized by its original spherical container and its fresh scent and "woody", this perfume does not lose force and earn more versions followers every year.
According to officials of the campaign, Villa is like no unbridled spirit and masculine fragrance. Among other things, they say, by currently being the top scorer of the Spanish football.

Written by Andrés Bacigalupo
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