The ways of the great Beat poet

Posted on April 25, 2010

Controversial recognized first and then Allen Ginsberg was a leading exponent of the "Beat Generation." Now, thirteen years after his departure, many travelers are rediscovering their footsteps.


He was, along with Jack Kerouac , one of the flagship representatives of the "Beat Generation", this group of artists who foreshadowed the hippie rage of the '60s. A critical rhetoric with the system, while overflowing between imagination and political incorrectness, I constantly put on the edge of disputes of all kinds.
Allen Ginsberg, who are rescued especially his raw rhymes ("Kaddish" is the best example), died 13 years ago. However, his legacy is retrieved often among those who value the virtue of political courage acidity and run the set limits.
Like other members of the Beat movement, Ginsberg made travel almost exclusive material from his life and works. Itineraries include his discovery of India (where he met and embraced Buddhism) and its controversial step by Castro's Cuba, where he was expelled for questioning the discrimination against homosexuals in the late 60s.
Personal travels and friendship with other artists (including Bob Dylan and Kerouac himself) fed slightly autobiographical texts. To critics, "Howl" ("Howl") is just that: Ginsberg's life until 1955 and an indirect but accurate portrayal of the world beat.


Between San Francisco and Mexico City

Today, when many of the questions seem Ginsberg obsolete or outdated, nostalgic of the Beat movement seeking a set of footprints to revive those eternal maverick talent.
In the US, perhaps the best place for that is the City Lights bookstore. Located in San Francisco (at the intersection of Broadway and Columbus Avenue), their role in the career of Ginsberg is key. City Lights (also a magazine and small publisher) dared publish the irreverence of "Howl" at a time when middle America lived under the umbrella of timid conservatism.


City Lights was the meeting point of the progressive intelligentsia of the time.

You have to cross the border into south to follow the adventures evoking "beats" not only but also Ginsberg Kerouac and William Burroughs. In the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City, between small bars and rundown houses, the locals kept intact the memories of these three men. Not go unnoticed and were devoted to each his own: living and cheap drink, explore the Mexican culture and still confusing art with everyday life.

Written by Andrés Bacigalupo
Footsteps of the Beat Generation in Mexico
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