Kerouac: literature and travel on Route 66

Posted on April 8, 2010

Sixty years ago, Jack Kerouac opened without knowing the path of the Beat Generation and, incidentally, helped to mystify the iconic US highway

Six decades ago, Jack Kerouac heavily engaged in writing a book that would become a classic "On the Road" (On the Road). The story, in fact a sum over histories rescued after long trips across the US, was not intended to "reflect" the folk reality of rural America. Even chasing documentary purposes.
On The Road, chaotic style fiction if you like (it is written to the rhythm of "kickwriting"), is more like an inner and outer journey. Kerouac fled Massachusetts as well as the schematic regularity expected of any narrative in the 50s. The furious pace of his prose and the influence of jazz and poetry were enhanced by this author in a flippant manner. And effective.
In his time, Kerouac was perhaps too "anti" to be accepted en masse (in fact, which published his book in 1957 made ​​several "cuts"). However, the decades-the 60s and Hippie- revolution showed that Kerouac (as much as William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg, also members of the Beat Generation ) was primarily a pioneer.

Route 66

Kerouac was one of the best X-rayed to "middle America" ​​that he had not have- nor much to do with New York skyscrapers. To do this, Route 66 became a descriptive itinerary motels and bad life worse death, adventures, farmers, immigrants and emigrants. Everything seemed to come together at the side of the road.
The author thus joined other artists (like John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath) that extolled the myth of a parade route that almost all those who wanted to "try their luck" in the West.

The tours of Kerouac "On the Road".

".. The trucker told me the place where Route 6, in which we were, intersects Route 66 before they both shoot west across incredible distances. Around three in the afternoon, after an apple pie and ice cream at a place along the road, a woman stopped me in a small coupe. I felt a violent joy as he ran toward the car. But it was a middle-aged woman, mother of children actually my age, and I needed someone to help her drive to Iowa. I was all for it. Iowa! "*

Written by Andrés Bacigalupo
* Excerpt from "On the Road".

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