The late great provocateur

Posted on January 4, 2010

Alexander McQueen creative Britain is not only a mind born of extravagant designs. It is also the source of unusual controversy. The latest: a rebellion of models, "fearful" of his latest shoe collection.


Isabella Blow was one of the most eccentric of the London fashion women. I was going to galas with giant ostrich feather hats, had studied Chinese art from the British edition of Vogue launched flattery (or heavy ammunition) against rookie designers.
Under the influence of Blow, for better or worse, a few men's fashion, including forged Jeremy Scott and Zac Posen , of whom we have already spoken in MV Experiences.
But the true "son" Blow, at least in regard to the ability to disconcert audiences and critics, called Alexander McQueen.
The son of a taxi driver, and released by the British stardom Isabella herself, McQueen was soon noted for audacious designs (always on the edge of the "tax"). In 1996, he replaced John Galliano at the helm of Givenchy and four years later, it would break off without saving the prestigious-sounding comments. "It They limited my creativity," was dispatched in 2000.

McQueen with Isabella Blow.

The truth is that McQueen continued to write his own path to force more or less controversial collections while the press was divided into "two groups". While some so reviled by excessive choice so dark and gloomy and misogynistic style to others McQueen was simply "Gothic" and the proof of its success was that characters as diverse as Björk and Duchess of Westminster encouraged their garments.

HAZARDOUS AREA Three models refused to "jump" to McQueen shoes.

But while the waters remain divided at the time of cataloging, few doubt that this 40 British wants to graduate controversial. Its the latest controversy generated a collection of quirky shoes several inspirations ("futuristic" according to McQueen himself) and came from the least expected side.
The trio composed of models Sasha Pivovarova, Natasha Poly and Abbey Lee Kershaw refused to parade shoes McQueen arguing that posed a real danger andante. Although unusual, the fear does not seem exaggerated: Kershaw already passed last year by using a very tight corset. A corset .. designed by Alexander McQueen.

Written by Andrés Bacigalupo
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A word about "The last great provocateur"


galy Posted on February 13, 2010

incredible !!! q will happen to lady gaga !!! distress died the most in vogue

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